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Dave Roll retired from the life of a full time on-the-road musician and started FigaRo Productions in January of 1985.  He returned to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where he completed his bachelor’s degree from the much acclaimed UW - Eau Claire department of music.  He has a passion for helping people tell their stories through audio and video.  Dave has written and produced commercial jingles for large corporations and small businesses alike, helping to brand businesses and share their messages set to music.  Numerous singer/songwriters have recorded both short and long form projects at FigaRo Productions and they enjoy the combination of professionalism mixed with a casual and fun atmosphere in which to do their best work.

As a videographer he shot, edited, co-produced and co-hosted "Northland Adventures with Dave Carlson," a syndicated outdoor television show that was broadcast for eight years on 26 stations in 12 states.  It strived to tell the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things,  report on conservation efforts nationally, and inform and entertain individuals about our great outdoors.

  Dave is an avid outdoor enthusiast who is passionate about fishing and hunting, especially turkey hunting and trout fishing.  He cooks and eats the meat he harvests, gardens organically, and believes in taking care of our environment.  When asked how he views himself, Dave said he's probably best characterized as 'rhubarb and venison combined,' meaning he's easy to get along with, a down-home kind of guy, with a natural curiosity and genuine interest in others.  His other passion is his dogs, two of which are trained for bird hunting.  He's happy to tell you all about the benefits of the Brittany breed, should you ask.  Just be prepared to sit for a spell - he's a proud papa to his pups.

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