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Depositions - Preserve testimony for trial of key witnesses such as doctors and other expert witnesses, or those who may not be able to testify at trial due to health reasons or distance.  Available services include multi-camera picture-in-picture, if requested.

Continuing Legal Education - An experienced videographer can keep your CLE engaging, exciting, and on task by directing the action and capturing it simultaneously.  Dave Roll has shot and directed dozens of attorneys and paralegals from around the nation.

Day-In-The-Life Videos - These short documentaries can make the difference for a jury as they demonstrate in a visual and moving way both the drastic and subtle changes that your client experiences in his/her life on a daily basis. This can be the way to give voice to your clients and bolster the damages portion of your case. Capturing Evidence - Do you need visual proof of some part of your case - perhaps a visual record of an accident scene for the jury to see, or damage to personal property? FigaRo Productions can provide that for you. We can supply video and still photos in whatever formats you may need to incorporate them into software programs such as Trial Director. Focus Groups - FigaRo Productions can help you with focus groups from start to finish, including question design, mock trial recording, and individually capturing breakout jury deliberations to understand how potential juries may evaluate your case and help you determine which pieces of evidence will be key to your success. Similar to CLE coverage, sessions are directed and videographed at the same time.

Pictured below: David Roll on a a shoot at the Capital rotunda in Madison, Wisconsin.

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